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Some State's Politicians are abusing taxpayers, by allowing certain politically connected friends to collect a pension and a paycheck AT THE SAME TIME to do THE SAME JOB. We think this is wrong.

FLORIDA: Collier County Mosquito Dep't

2020 Collier County Board Chair Burt L. Sanders TEL: (239) 252-8603
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This page was created using Florida governmental data acquired 5-11-20 and Collier County data received July, 2020 via Public Records Requests.

Collier County (FL) Triple Dippers Registry

Now showing: Collier County Mosquito Department Triple Dippers

FirstName LastName JobTitle AnnualPay Cash Bonus CashBonusDate
STACY WELCH Chief Financial Officer $ 112,684 287439.25 2024-03-31
Jorge Santiago Aircraft Mechanic II $ 69,206 75074.26 2021-04-30

The list above Projected Total Cash Bonus payout of $ 362,514 for these 2 Triple Dippers.


That's 152,637 lunches for school kids!

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