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Some State's Politicians are abusing taxpayers, by allowing certain politically connected friends to collect a pension and a paycheck AT THE SAME TIME to do THE SAME JOB. We think this is wrong.

FLORIDA: Complete State DROP List

There are 34,901 Triple Dippers in the State of Florida receiving $5,312,377,434

$5.3 BILLION!!!!!

in cash bonuses just for showing up to work. That's an average of $152,213 per employee.

Replacing the overpaid and over the hill Triple dippers with freshly trained and educated entry level employees would save taxpayers approximately:

$5,312,377,434($5.3 BILLION!!!!!)

Yes, we said it TWICE!

without cutting a single position.

This page was created using Florida governmental data acquired 5-11-20 via Public Records Requests.

“The highest paid Floridian Triple Dipper is James Hightower. James Hightower is scheduled to receive a cash bonus Payout of $1,017,759 on 06-30-2024. WOW! How many homes, cars, fancy dinners and vacations does one person a "Public Servant" need at the expense of school kids and taxpayers?
- Researcher Dave Jaye.

State of Florida Triple Dippers Registry

Now showing: ALL TD'ers

Taxpayer Savings Cash Bonus:

$5,312,377,434($5.3 BILLION!!!!!)

That's 2,236,790,499 lunches for school kids from these 34901 scammers Triple Dipping employees.

Name Employer Cash Bonus Bonus Date

That's 2,236,790,499 lunches for school kids!