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Some State's Politicians are abusing taxpayers, by allowing certain politically connected friends to collect a pension and a paycheck AT THE SAME TIME to do THE SAME JOB. We think this is wrong.

FLORIDA: Complete State DROP List

There are 1,015 Triple Dippers in the State of Florida receiving $129,510,781


in cash bonuses just for showing up to work. That's an average of $127,597 per employee.

Replacing the overpaid and over the hill Triple dippers with freshly trained and educated entry level employees would save taxpayers approximately:


without cutting a single position.

This page was created using Florida governmental data acquired November and December, 2020 via Public Records Requests.

“The highest paid Floridian Triple Dipper in this dataset is Gerard London. Gerard London is scheduled to receive a cash bonus Payout of $776,905 on . WOW! How many homes, cars, fancy dinners and vacations does one person a "Public Servant" need at the expense of school kids and taxpayers?
- Researcher Dave Jaye.

State of Florida Triple Dippers Registry

Now showing: ALL TD'ers

Taxpayer Savings Cash Bonus:


That's 54,530,855 lunches for school kids from these 1015 scammers Triple Dipping employees.

Name Employer Cash Bonus Bonus Date

That's 54,530,855 lunches for school kids!