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Some State's Politicians are abusing taxpayers, by allowing certain politically connected friends to collect a pension and a paycheck AT THE SAME TIME to do THE SAME JOB. We think this is wrong.

FLORIDA: Collier County Schools

PRESS RELEASE: QUEEN of the Triple Dippers!

There are 255 Collier County Schools Triple Dippers receiving over $16.5 million in salaries and over $36 MILLION in cash bonuses just for showing up to work and are the only Florida public employees who don't pay 3% of their salary into the Florida Pension system.

Replacing the overpaid and over the hill Triple dippers with freshly trained and educated entry level employees would save taxpayers $20.1 million without cutting a single position.

The $21 MILLION savings should end the Reckless Collier Schools $34.3 million money grab proposed in the upcoming referendum. The referendum will loot the Capital budget by up to .35 mills and divert those looted, segregated taxpayer funds to operations which is mostly used for salaries.

Collier School Board: TEL: (239) 377-0001

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This page was created using Florida governmental data acquired 5-11-20 and Collier County School data received May 22nd, 2020 via Public Records Requests.

“The highest paid Collier County Schools Triple Dipper is Superintendent Kamela Patton with an annual pay of $245,672 plus benefits. Kamela Patton is the Queen of the Triple Dippers in all of Collier and Lee Counties scheduled to receive a cash bonus Payout of $685,656 on June 30, 2023. WOW! How many homes, cars, fancy dinners and vacations does one person a "Public Servant" need at the expense of school kids and taxpayers?
- Researcher Dave Jaye.


Collier County (FL) Triple Dippers Registry

Now showing: Cook Category

Taxpayer Savings Cash Bonus

$ 309,214

Taxpayer Savings Entry Pay

$ 229,169

That's 130,195 lunches for school kids from these 7 scammers Triple Dipping employees.

Name Title Salary Total Comp Cash Bonus Bonus Date TP Savings
PALACIO, DIEGO MANAGER, NUTRITION SERVICE 47142.46 $ 57,632 105752.37 2023-07-31 57631.65735
THOMAS, JUDY NUTRITION SERVICES WORKER 24398.64 $ 29,827 49239.86 2023-03-31 29827.3374
DELAROSA, AURORA NUTRITION SERVICES WORKER 23645.70 $ 28,907 44824.78 2020-09-30 28906.86825
SVENTEK, JAYNE NUTRITION SERVICES WORKER 20078.40 $ 24,546 36766.00 2024-07-31 24545.844
MURPHY, JEAN MANAGER, NUTRITION SERVICE 37668.31 $ 46,050 31238.29 2022-12-31 46049.508975
BOWMAN, RAQUEL NUTRITION SERVICES WORKER 21140.60 $ 25,844 27300.27 2021-10-31 25844.3835
OLIVERA, DERY NUTRITION SERVICES WORKER/4 HR 13385.60 $ 16,364 14092.35 2022-08-31 16363.896

That's 130,195 lunches for school kids!

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