TripleDippers.org has published a new website category dubbed “Corruption Watch” aka TDCW. The TDCW section has opened with three explosive articles involving Macomb County elected officials and the alleged betrayal of their respective oaths of office.

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New report published on Broward County Schools’ Triple Dippers for November 2022. Over $200 MILLION being wasted. See who’s getting the money by clicking the Broward logo below.

Broward County Triple Dippers Report

Triple Dippers:

Politically connected retired Public Employees who
for 5 years and for the SAME job:

Get a Salary
Get a Pension at the same time with interest

Cash out unused vacation and sick days at their final, highest salary instead of when the days off were earned therefore taking more money from taxpayers and artificially boosting the final year’s pay upon which which pensions are based.

Also, in some states like Florida, TripleDippers don’t pay 3% of salary into pension like most public employees!

The Cherry on top:
The TripleDippers (most are over 65) and their surviving spouses get an 8% increase in their social security payments for each year they delay collecting social security.[Source: SSA.gov]

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The Palm Beach Post: Sheriff’s Department “Bonuses” now termed “COLAs” may be illegal

Sheriff bonuses may be illegal page 1
Sheriff bonuses may be illegal page 2

Dave Jay Speaks at a December weekly BUPAC meeting

Charlotte County resident John R. Doner’s contribution is spot on. Mr. Doner is a member of the Charlotte County Curmudgeon Club.

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