Many of Michigan’s “public servants” are reaping the benefits of the DRoP program and we refer to these individuals as Triple Dippers.

Triple Dippers: “Public Servants”  who take a salary and an interest earning  pension at the same time to do the same job and Macomb County Triple Dippers also don’t pay 3% of their salary ($405,328) into the county pension like every other county worker.

Then, as a cherry on top, these Triple Dippers cash out unused days off at their final highest salary not the salary when the days off were earned. This takes more money from taxpayers and artificially inflates the last year’s salary upon which pensions are based.

Triple Dipper Reports Coming Soon:

Sterling Heights
Clinton Township
Michigan State Police

Macomb County Government Triple Dippers as of SEPT 30, 2021 — County only provided 2020 salary data

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After stonewalling our FOIA request for approximately 5 months, the county finally provided some data in the form of two lists. One is the DROP list and the other list includes job category and wages. This information is not on the DRoP list so it must be matched.

In matching, we noticed many irregularities including 38 DRoP participants that had no corresponding entry in the county provided wage list. There may be a perfectly legitimate reason for this and we would like to get an explanation from the county for this issue as well as the under-reporting of wages issue, an example of which is noted below. This missing data issue induced an error in our matching process which has been corrected. Furthermore, we have updated the page to better reflect these discrepancies by replacing the category with “NO DATA” and the wages value with “$ UNAVAILABLE” where there was no match in the wage list.

Under-reporting Example
The Macomb County Government report of 9-24-21 under reported the salary of at least one politician which we corrected with State and Macomb Daily source documents. Macomb County needs to correct the Triple Dipper Pension numbers for any whose salary is being inaccurately reported.

Don Brown
Actual 2021 Salary ~$91,800 Reported: ~$35,539.02

This page will be updated as new information becomes available. Please contact us if you find any material discrepancies.

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