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Hard data on how you are getting ripped off!

Almost everywhere you look in government, there is fraud and/or abuse of tax payer dollars.

In Lee County Schools, there are hundreds of non-core educational personnel (and some traditional classroom teachers) reaping huge benefits that currently take $22 Million a year [Source] in services from Lee Schools' 94,405 Students [Source].

For more details and updated information, please see our Sources page which will be updated over time as new data becomes available.

Triple Dippers Defined:

Triple Dippers are Politically connected retired Public Employees who for 5 years (for the SAME job):

Get a Salary

Get a Pension at the same time with interest

Don't pay 3% of salary into pension like every other Florida public employee

The Cherry on the top:
The TripleDippers (most who are over 65) and their surviving spouses get an 8% increase in their social security payments
for each year they delay collecting social security.[Source: SSA.gov]


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In 2019, 446 Lee County School Employees are receiving $53 million in pension payments while collecting approximately $26.2 million in salaries at the same time to do the same job!

Click the links below to view the database of Triple Dippers and get the hard data on this egregious misuse of taxpayer (your) money.

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Press Releases

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    PR: 10-08-18 Lee Co., FL

    July 10, 2019

    494 Lee School Employees are “Double Dipping” collecting $27.2 million in salaries and $58 million of pension payments at the same time to do the same job!

    [Click here] to read the full release.


  • [LINK] Citation: SSA.gov Benefits Planner Page (8% increase in their social security payments)